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A PhD degree is required to access ESPAD data. In case you have a PhD supervisor, he/she should apply for ESPAD data.

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ESPAD Student Questionnaire. It is also required to list all variables you want to include in the requested dataset, by specifying VarName.

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Specify variable names related to ESPAD data you want to include in the analysis. Use a semicolon ‘;’ as separator between variables. NOTE: Referring to the ESPAD Trend Codebook, please use the variable name specified in the column VarName.

We would like to inform you that personal data and other information compiled in this form will be archived in compliance with the EU 2016/679 privacy regulation, in order to follow up on your request and keep you updated: approval/rejection of the request, email reminders, updates about new release of ESPAD data, other communication exchanges.

Your name and surname will be shown in the list of authors of the ESPAD publications available and maintained on the website.
You are invited to prepare and send to ESPAD@ifc.cnr.it a periodic report (every six months) about the state of progress of your scientific work based on ESPAD data.
You can use provided ESPAD data in a period of two years, unless you officially request for a longer period (ESPAD@ifc.cnr.it).
It is not allowed to use ESPAD databases in such a way that individual students, classes or schools can be identified.
Direct or indirect funding from the alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical and gambling industries is not allowed when using an ESPAD database.
ESPAD databases may not be used for any commercial purpose.
It is strictly prohibited to use data from the database(s) for any other purposes than those mentioned in the approved application.
The applicant is not allowed to forward data to any person that is not directly involved in the approved research project.
The applicant is responsible for informing all other possible users of the database(s) about these rules.
The applicant is responsible for all use of the database(s).

The following acknowledgement should be used in all publications using data from ESPAD data-bases:
The authors would like to acknowledge the members of the ESPAD group who collected the national data (http://www.espad.org/report/acknowledgements) and the funding bodies who supported the international coordination of ESPAD: the Italian National Research Council and the EMCDDA. Special thanks are due to the schoolchildren, teachers and national funding bodies who made this project possible. ESPAD data use consent N.*

*Please take note of the Application ID displayed after the submission (SEND APPLICATION button). We ask you to insert it as reported in the Acknowledgement of your future publication.


The main purpose of ESPAD is to collect comparable data on substance use in Europe among 16 year old students, in order to monitor trends within as well as between countries.


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